Frequently asked questions

What application does GCmessage use?
GCmessage uses the open source application At this time GCmessage is in open pilot, meaning we are testing out to see if it is the ...
Tue, 15 Jan, 2019 at 9:37 AM
What is the level of support offered for GCmessage?
The help desk can help you with your GCCollab account, as well as answer questions you have about GCMessage. You can submit a ticket here.  As GCmessage...
Tue, 15 Jan, 2019 at 9:42 AM
Who can use GCmessage?
GCmessage uses GCaccount. Federal, provincial, municipal public servants, academics across Canada, as well as partners and all Canadians invited to the platf...
Thu, 22 Aug, 2019 at 10:12 AM
What is the level of security of GCmessage?
All content on GCmessage must be unclassified. Messages and documents on GCmessage are subject to ATIP.
Tue, 15 Jan, 2019 at 9:49 AM
What server is GCmessage on?
GCmessage runs on the Government of Canada (GC) Microsoft Azure public cloud outside of the GC firewall.
Tue, 15 Jan, 2019 at 9:52 AM
What can I expect now that GCmessage is under evaluation?
Will I still be able to use GCmessage now that the pilot has ended?   Yes. As we move into the evaluation period for the platform, GCmessage will remain o...
Wed, 10 Apr, 2019 at 12:54 PM
Are the instant messages on GCmessage pilot subject to ATIP?
Yes, all documentary material in the Public Service is subject to ATIP. If an Access to Information request requires information on a particular file or...
Wed, 19 Dec, 2018 at 3:51 PM