GCcollab is about making connections and building your network. When you connect with academics, public servants and other professionals, you are sharing more knowledge and insight with those of common professional and academic interests. Have a question? Ask someone on GCcollab. Want to know about upcoming events in your area? You can find out this information on GCcollab as well. In other words, your connections on GCcollab can help accelerate your professional and academic development.


To best collaborate and use GCcollab, it is crucial that you complete your profile. Make it easier for people to find you and learn about you by including your picture, name and location. Be sure to add a summary of your education, skills, and experience. To help you complete your profile, you can add your site links on your profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc...)


GCcollab profile example


This is an example of a complete profile with a profile strength of 100%.



Please add a picture to your profile. If you aren't comfortable adding a photograph of yourself, add an image that identifies you, and make sure it is a photo that you have the rights to use. 


Profile Completeness

Your GCcollab profile shows your Profile Strength as a percentage. It can be found on the right side of your personal profile page.


Click on See details to view the details of the level of completeness of the following sections: 

  • Basic profile
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Work experience