How to join a group

Find a group you would like to join. Click on the name of the group to view the group profile and information.

  • If you are viewing an open group, click Join Group to join the group.
  • If you are viewing a closed group, click Requestmembership to send a membership request to the group administrator. If the group administrator approves your request, you will then become a member of the group instantly.

How to join a sub-group

Sub-groups are groups that exist within another "parent group". In order to join a sub-group, you must first become a member of the "parent group".

notice boxSome sub-groups may be closed although the group you are a part of is open. In these cases, you must request to join the sub-group.

Accept an invitation to join a group

If you've received an invitation to join a group, you can find this invitation on the Groups page:

  1. Click on the Groups tab
  2. From the More option, click on Invitations. 
  3. Click Accept or Decline on the group invitation. 

Join a group using information received in an email

If you receive an email invitation to join a GCcollab group, there are two ways to accept the invitation depending on the email you receive:

Method 1 (notification email)

  1. Click the invitation link in the email to be brought to the Invitations page.
  2. Accept or Decline the group invitation.

Method 2 (invitation email)

When you're invited by email to join a group on GCcollab (and you don't have a GCcollab account) you can create your GCcollab account using the Registration link provided in the email invitation. By using this link, you will create your account and be automatically added to the group.  

If you decide to register at a later time using the Registration form on GCcollab, or if you are already a GCcollab member, you can join the group by using the code provided to you in the email invitation.  

  1. Have the email invitation open in another window.
  2. Locate the invitation code 
  3. Login to GCcollab
  4. Click on the Groups tab
  5. From the More option, click on Invitations. 
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the Group invitations page to the section Group invitation by e-mail
  7. Enter the invitation code in the field and click Submit.