In GCcollab, you can post your events in a group calendar or the site-wide calendar.

How to access the Event Calendar

You can find the event calendar in three ways:

Main GCcollab navigation menu

  1. Click on More in the top navigation bar
  2. Select Event calendar from the drop-down list.

Find an event in a Group

  1. Go to the group in which you want to find an event.

  2. Click on More.

  3. Select Events from the drop-down list.

Your Profile

  1. Click on your profile icon, near the top right of the page.

  2. Click My Profile.

  3. Select Events.

How to post an event

  1. Once you are in the Event calendar (all-site, group or profile), click Add event.
  2. Fill out the form describing details of your event, such as the Title, Venue and a Brief description.

  3. Click Save to finish.

Details: Posting an event

  • Brief description: acts as a short summary of the event. It should catch the attention of users as they browse through list of events. Try and keep this to a single sentence for each language used (5-15 words each).

  • Long description: acts as a full description what the event is and any other identifying information. Try to be as detailed and transparent as possible. Any acronyms should be written out in full before continuing with the acronym.

  • Language: in the case of a bilingual event, use the language tabs to post the content in both official languages.

  • Tags: tags are keywords that reflect the purpose of your event. They are identifiers that make it easier for other members to find your event. Here are some quick guidelines on how to use tags:

    • Separate each tag with a comma and space
    • Tags should be words or short phrases people will likely use to search for events like yours
    • Remember to enter tags in both languages in order for as many people as possible to to find your event