How to write a GCcollab-wide blog

On GCcollab, you can create and post blogs for both group and GCcollab-wide access. See below to first learn how to post a standard GCcollab-wide blog post and later a group blog.

where to find the blogs button in the navigation bar

  1. Select Blogs under the More tab from the main menu at the top of the page.

  2. Select Add blog post from the main body of the page.

  3. Here you will be prompted to fill out information concerning your blog post (see below for more details).

  4. Click Publish to finish.

Tip: Please note that you are able to preview how your blog post will look before publishing by selecting Preview

How to write a group blog post

If you are a member of a group, you can create blog posts within your group. These blogs are made much the same way as GCcollab-wide blogs except they must be created from the main page of the group you wish to post in. Some groups may not allow blogs but this at the decision of the group owner.

Open groups and Closed groups may also affect the privacy of your blog:

  • Open groups have similar privacy settings as those of regular blogs with the exception of an extra privacy setting to restrict access to group members only.
  • Blogs posted to Closed groups will usually have some privacy flexibility in accordance with group privacy settings made by the group's owner.

How to set the Blog details

Title: Enter a catchy title for your blog (in either one or both official languages).

Excerpt: Provide a brief summary about the blog.

Body: Your blog is entered here. You will also be given editing options for your blog text.

Tags: Essentially, they are keywords that reflect the purpose of your blog and are used to help users find your blog when conducting searches.

  • Separate each tag with a comma and space
  • Tags should be words or short phrases people will likely search when looking for a blog like yours
  • While either English or French tags are accepted, you’re encouraged to provide your tags bilingually in order for as many people as possible to be able to find your blog

Comments: This is where you can choose whether you would like to allow other GCcollab users to comment on your blog. As GCcollab is a platform intended to support collaboration, this option is enabled by default.

Access: This sets the access level of your blog. You can limit your blog post viewable to:.

  • Only me: Only you can see this content – no other GCcollab user can view this content
  • My Colleagues on GCcollab only: Only the GCcollab members you added as your colleagues can see this content
  • Users logged in to GCcollab only: Anyone with a GCcollab account can see this content while logged in.
  • Status: You can also choose between publishing your blog or saving it as a draft here.